The Beginning: 2/12 – 2/17 (Chart and Randomosity)

A new chart for random show selection is here!
A new chart for random show selection is here!

Hello!  You may have noticed that there wasn’t a chart or preview last week.  Sorry about that.  There was actually a chart, and one show was rolled on it.  Jackie reviewed it. But, I neglected to post a preview article.  I don’t know if it is a sign of getting older, or just that there was so much going on, but I thought I’d written the article, and went along as if I had.  But, clearly, I hadn’t.  This is the first time that has happened, but I’m sort of surprised that I’ve not experienced this before.  You see, I often compose things in my head while doing other things and then I get to typing them down a little later.  I’ve also already revised my writing ahead of time that way.  So, having given last week’s column a good deal of thought ahead of time, I didn’t even think about the fact that I’d not yet committed it to a post.  Whoops!  My apologies.

Anyway… this week we have a dandy chart.  And with luck will have 5 total reviews for you: one by Maggie, one by Jackie, and three links to the ones I’m writing for Newcity.  In the not too distant future you’ll see my number of Newcity reviews cutting back for a while.  That’s because I’m about to start rehearsals for “The Bloodhound Law” at CityLit.  That will be taking my time from March 1 – May 24.  That means that my total number of shows will be decreasing drastically each week.  I’m okay with that.  I’ve been on a breakneck pace over the last month and a half.

I would like to talk about a show that we are not reviewing, but is of note in my opinion.  First a bit of set-up… This past weekend Jackie and I attended the ITA Statewide Auditions.  You know, of course that in addition to writing for this site, we also run Commedia Beauregard — Oddly enough why you’ll never see a review of a CommBeau show on this site (conflict of interest and whatnot).  So… at cattle call auditions like the Statewides, I keep a running tally of how many times certain monologues have been recited.  For the women this year, there was a monologue from “A My Name is Alice” and another from “Assassins” which were overdone.  For men, the most popular choice was from the play “Red”, which is currently being presented over at Redtwist Theatre.  Despite the fact that I saw that monologue too many times over the duration of two days, I was actually not turned off by the piece.  Instead, I started to think, “Hey!  I want to see that show.”  Normally, I eventually dread seeing the works from which the monologues du jour come.  But in this instance, my interest was piqued.  I wish I could see “Red” this week.  One of my friends had comps to it last week, which I had to turn down due to a Restaurant Week reservation.  Drat!

Speaking of restaurant week.  Tonight is the end of that annual Chicago event.  I’ll be taking my dinner at Boka prior to seeing “First Date” at the Royal George.  I’m excited that I get to review this play, as one of the actresses in it was in a play that I directed back in 1997 in Sioux City, Iowa.  It’ll be great to see how far she’s come since then.

And now… Random things:

  • I have four posters to frame before I  can call my dining room finished.
  • Silicone molding is so cool!
  • Fore!
  • “How peaceful the world would be if we loved each other as a father loves his children” – A maxim from a cross stitched piece on my office wall.
  • Roses and chocolates.
  • Crayons.  Two packs.
  • A random fact.  A bit of trivia, which comes from “A Dragonfly can travel up to 60 mph.” — Dragonflies scare me a little.
  • I’m about to start taking my second SAFD class.  This time I’m doing Quarterstaff.  I’m excited.  What can I say?  When I watch Robin Hood things, ever since I was a kid, his bow work was something I took for granted.  The part that I was always wanting to role play was the quarterstaff fight over the water against Little John.  Yup.  Dreams start to come true this next weekend.
  • Mini-Golf or Putt-Putt?  What do you call it?