The Beginning: 3/19 – 3/23 (Chart and Preview)

This is the 40th (almost) weekly chart that we've put up over the last 365 days.  Grab a d20 and help us celebrate!
This is the 40th (almost) weekly chart that we’ve put up over the last 365 days. Grab a d20 and help us celebrate!

I have found that being in rehearsal for one show while producing another and reviewing for two media outlets leave no time for breathing.  So… I’m belated in putting up a few links to the reviews I’ve written over at Newcity Stage.  I’ll get those up tonight.  Sorry about that.  However, the cool thing is that I’m rarin’ to write this preview about the goodness that is coming up this weekend.  And another bit of big news…

Happy Birthday to us!  Theatre By Numbers has just crossed the one-year mark (at least in its Chicago iteration).  Thanks to all of you who read our reviews, and to the theatres who allow us to help spread our love for what they do.  We’re lucky as all get-out that we get to review theatre in the best theatre town around.

Now for your regularly scheduled preview thoughts:  A couple of shows that I’m excited about are on the chart this week.  “La Bête” is at Trap Door this weekend.  It’s a play in the Moliere style, but modern.  Rhyme schemes surround the plot schemes.  I’m jazzed about this one, actually.  It’s right up my alley.  Not unlike the door to get into Trap Door (which is right up an alley… in case you didn’t get that).

Additionally, I’m excited to see what Stage 773 pulls off with “All In The Timing”.  It’s the classic David Ives one-act collection.  Yeah, for some reason I’m excited to see a set of plays that every theatre kid has done in college.  Are these scripts over-produced?  Yes.  Are they done to death by people who have very little to no experience in theatre?  Yes.  But, that’s why I’m excited to see them this time around.  Good theatre people doing good work on shows that had to have been good at some point.  Shakespeare is elevated when put in the hands of people who know what they are doing.  I assume the same is true for Ives.


  • I’m been getting Physical Therapy on my right knee for the last few weeks.  It’s getting better– taking a long time, mind you– but getting better.
  • I like meetings.  I know that most people don’t.  But I much prefer talking to people face to face and working things out quickly than to shoot messages back and forth in a sluggish exchange that almost never gets anything done.
  • Nerf!
  • “Just like Ronnie sang
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    Just like Ronnie sang
    Be my little baby
    Baby, my darlin’, uh, uh, oh, oh, oh”
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