The Beginning: 11/19 – 11/24 (Chart and Musings)

It’s the fiftieth chart of our duration as a Chicago site! Hence the Roman numeral L. Now… grab your dice and go see a show!

The chart to the right is as always a great place to see what is running this weekend in Chicago.  It isn’t everything that is running, though.  I should point out that we drop things off the chart as their runs come closer to their end, and newer shows open up.  Why is that important?  Well, because it is holiday season, and this specific weekend is a huge one for openings.  Almost everything on the chart is brand spanking new.  I’ll be reviewing three shows for Newcity this weekend, and one for this site.  Maggie will be writing a review about a show I’ve already seen, which is a situation that always intrigues me.  I always wonder if we’ll have liked and/or disliked the same things.  I often read other people’s reviews and compare them to my own, but I seldom get the chance to evaluate the similarities and differences in my perceptions and those of my compatriots here.  I’m excited!

So… A few things that aren’t entirely theatrically related, but that I feel I should mention prior to this weekend.  The weather outside is supposedly going to be frightful on Friday and Saturday.  First, be safe.  Second, if you can take a train to see a show, do so.  When it comes down to it, inclement weather can kill a storefront theatre company in one weekend’s time.  I speak from personal experience as a producer, and as friend to many who have taken huge losses when audiences stay home by the fire.  Seldom does the CTA stop running, so if you are in search of something to do, and you like the adventure of heading out into this year’s first snowfall, see a show.  My own theatre company almost went out of business in the beginning of 2014 due to the Polar Vortex.  We’d had our most profitable holiday season since we relocated to Chicago in 2010, and then lost it all, and then some, when the blizzard-like weather kept folks away from the theatre.  It hurt.  We managed to keep things going, but we were staggering along.  From a critic’s perspective (and as just a theatre-goer’s, too), I really enjoy being in a warm theatre watching a show on snowy nights.  There have been a lot of articles over the last couple of years about how Scandinavians avoid the winter blues, and much of that comes down to their society taking the time to make human connections during the long dark months.  So… turn off the Netflix, avoid ordering in delivery, and go interact with live theatre.  But… again… be safe.  So, take the CTA.  Get to the theatre in one piece, and back home in similar fashion.

A brief bit of randomness:

  • Song Sung Blue
  • Prime Numbers
  • Harry Dresden
  • Pinochle
  • Cat