The Beginning: 4/13 – 4/19 (Chart and Preview)

Twenty of the best theatrical options in Chicago this weekend!
Twenty of the best theatrical options in Chicago this weekend!

You know what I like about working int he theatrical realm?  The fact that it is a collaborative art form.  Artists come together in various ways to create.  Audiences come together to experience.  A show can’t actually happen without the interplay between the two groups.  And that’s beautiful.  Sometimes, though there are things that scar the beauty of collaborations, and so I am thrilled that Not In Our House exists to address some of the difficulties that arise when people gather in an art space to work together.  Not all collaboration is done in a safe environment free of power plays or sexual harassment.  Abuses do occur, and that should not be true, though it is.  So… I wanted to share a moment of thanking the people who have put together a Chicago Code of Conduct, which will be presented at Theatre Wit on April 18th.  It’s a big deal for this community.  Here’s a great article that you may want to check out about it.

Now… to talk briefly about what we are seeing this week:  Sarah has a show that she’ll be taking in over at the Raven.  Maggie is seeing one at the Public House, as well as one at Steppenwolf.  I will be in the audience at the Royal George this weekend, as well as at Stage 773.  Quite a smattering of places.  I’m excited that we’re seeing 5 total shows this weekend.  That’s a quarter of our chart.

Speaking of the chart.  If you are one of the daring who also use it to determine your theatrical intake on any given week, we’d love to hear about your experiences!  Drop by our facebook page and message us!

No randomness this week.  I’ve got a meeting to attend.  More randomness next week.