Editorial Leadership Change at Theatre By Numbers

After founding and running Theatre By Numbers since 2014, Christopher Kidder-Mostrom has transferred his role as editor, in order to move on to exciting new projects. Sarah Bowden has succeeded him, having taken on the role formally as of December 2017.

Theatre By Numbers was started with the mission to give “every show an equal chance to be seen.” This dedication to rolling the die and letting chance guide our theatrical experiences will continue, spanning from the storefront scene to the larger regional houses. Our writers — Sarah, Margaret, and Rachel — are looking forward to bringing you thoughtful, challenging theatre critiques in the New Year and beyond.

We here at Theatre By Numbers would like to take this moment to thank Christopher for his creativity and dedication, for building a strong stable of writers, and for guiding us with a vision of equitable review opportunities.

It is going to be an exciting year in Chicago theatre. We look forward to rolling the die, and seeing what comes next.