The Beginning: 1/15 – 1/20 (Chart and preview)

Another percentage chart!  Grab two ten-siders to play along this week.
Another percentage chart! Grab two ten-siders to play along this week.

As I write this, I am sitting in a remarkably uncomfortable chair at O’Hare Airport.  I will be spending the next few days seeing my daughter’s dance show in Minnesota.  I will be reviewing two shows this weekend, though, once I get back in town.  The shows that I’m seeing do not appear on this week’s chart because I’ll be writing them for Newcity.  Strange thing: I don’t know if it is “Newcity”, or “NewCity”, or what.  For all I know it may be New City.  One word or two, doesn’t matter.  I’m writing for them.  And then, naturally, you’ll find links to those reviews here.

In the meantime, you’ll be in good hands with Jackie and Rory.  Jackie will be taking in “Top Girls” and “Mr. Burns”.  Rory is seeing “A Map of Virtue”.  I’m seeing “Accidentally Like a Martyr” at A Red Orchid, and “Plastic Revolution” at the Den.  Now, you may have noticed that those two shows don’t appear on the chart at all.  That is how we’ve done things traditionally.  When I’m reviewing a show for another outlet, we don’t put it on the chart.  However… that’s about to change.  Starting next week we’ll leave them on there.  That way Jackie or Maggie could end up writing about a show that I’ve seen for someone else.  Who knows?  We may end up with conflicting ideas.  That’ll give us something to talk about!

We had a meeting on Tuesday where the three of us all sat down together in one place.  I think that’s great.  We talked about theatre.  It was fun.  I’ve never done that with either Centerstage or NewCity (Still don’t know how to handle the capitalization on that).  In fact, I’ve never met my editors in person.  So it was really cool to chat out what we’re doing as we’re doing it in a face-to-face manner.  Expect cool things from us in the not too distant future.  Well, expect additional cool things.  Obviously, we’re already providing you with cool things.  Right?

Okay… on to the randomness:

  • 8, 3, 7, 4
  • She was a great teacher.
  • I have a play to write by midnight tonight.  And then another by Feb 2.  I’d intended to take the month of January off from theatre (except for reviewing).  So much for that!
  • There’s a man in a fuschia shirt in front of me.  Fuschia shirt, grey sports jacket.  It looks both surprisingly suave, and very late-80s.  I sort of expect the cell phone in his hand to be much larger than it actually us.
  • Not entirely random, as it relates directly to the bullet point above: I get that cell phones fit in our pockets and all that, which is one advantage of them constantly getting thinner, if not smaller.  But, I really do miss the comfort of holding a phone receiver between my ear and my shoulder.  Whenever I try that with my current phone I get a really sore neck and often “push” buttons on my smartphone screen with my cheek.  Ugh.  … Also, you whippersnappers get off my lawn!
  • You want random?  NO TRIVIA TODAY!  There.