The Beginning: April 24 – 28 (Preview & Chart)

A new chart for a new week.  Grab your d20 and shake it!
A new chart for a new week. Grab your d20 and shake it!

There comes a time when a guy just has to get out of town, even if only for a few days.  That time  has arrived for me.  I will be camping this weekend, and the world of theatre will not be visited by this man until after the 27th of April.  I have not abandoned you, however.  I have put you in good hands.

I’d like to introduce you to Jackie Davies.  Jackie will be filling in for me while I’m away.  So, while I’m out on the hiking trails of northeast Missouri, you will be able to gain knowledge of shows like “Anton in Show Business” and “If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet” (two of the shows rolled by Jackie yesterday — 4 and 17, respectively).

Infinitely nicer that Chris!  -- Guest reviewer Jackie Davies
Infinitely more likable than Chris! — Guest reviewer Jackie Davies

I find that Jackie has a great theatrical mind and spirit.  She has worked for me as an actor, a dramaturg, and a playwright.  She knows a thing or two about what makes good theatre, so you know you can trust her opinion.

You’ll still get 10-word Summaries of what she sees.  You’ll be getting a Dice Rating of each of those shows, too.  And, when it comes down to it, Jackie in infinitely more likable than me, so you’ll have some good company for your theatrical journeys this weekend.  Enjoy!

One other quick note before I compile my weekly bit of nonsense at the end of the column.  I only saw one show this past weekend, and it was for the good folks at  I submitted my review a little bit ago, so I’ll post the link on this site as soon as it is available.  And so, without any further ado…

Wait!  One other thing I wanted to mention: there’s a show that’s playing for only two performances that I would like you to consider taking in this weekend and early next week.  Its run is too short to make my chart, and it will actually be the first thing I see when I get back in town (actually, the first thing I’ll see is probably the car in front of mine, but this will be the first show I see).  That show is “The Ballad of Baby Doe” at North Park University.  I’m going on Tuesday night.  I’m really excited to see a new production of this opera, directed by Elizabeth Margolius.  Sunday and Tuesday are the only two performances.  I won’t be reviewing the show (I don’t review student productions & the show’s run is too short, as well), but I’m sure going to be there!

A bit of random:

  • I’m pretty sure that I’ll never get bored of seeing my friends’ names in/on books that I’m reading.  A quick shout out to Twin Cities stalwarts Jeffrey Hatcher and Stephen D’Ambrose!  Guys!  I’m reading a play right now that you both know quite well.  In fact, I’m auditioning for the part that you originated Stephen!  How very cool!
  • The average number of squirts from a cow’s udder that are needed to yield a gallon of milk is 345. That right there makes me glad I’m not a cow. It also incidentally makes me glad I’m not a dairy farmer. I have new respect for farmers that still milk by hand, though.
  • I finally joined the hordes of Ventra users yesterday.  After a small number of snafus, it now seems to work pretty well for me.  Granted, I’ve only taken one train under it’s influence, but… I mean, what could possibly go wrong from here on out, right?
  • Why would a theatre company with 18 ensemble members produce a play in which only one of the roles could be played by a member of the company?
  • Light blue.
  • First line from a random play on my bookcase: “I don’t care what Aristotle and the other philosophers say.” – Don Juan by Moliere (trans. Wallace Fowlie)
  • A moment of trivial importance, provided by “76% of Americans celebrate New Year’s Eve in groups of less than 20.” — I’ll keep that in mind as I sit all alone next December 31st.
  • ISBN #: 978-1477847220
  • I have now been asked by three people to make sure I roll their show’s number.  These people don’t seem to understand how randomness works.  Oh well.
  • Duckies!