The Beginning: Sept 4 – Sept 8 (Preview and Chart)

The charts are back, and they have plays on them!  Roll some dice and go see a show!
The charts are back, and they have plays on them! Roll some dice and go see a show!

So, the Summer is done.  And we move on to the heart of the theatrical season.  The summer was rough for me/us here at Theatre By Numbers.  Part of that was due to the summery things that crop up and distract from the world of theatre.  Part of it was due to the way I’d been running this site.  When it comes down to it, this site has primarily been one person spouting forth about theatre and other nonsense.  Occasionally I would have a pinch hitter come on for me when I was in disposed.  But, that’s not the way it’s going to work anymore.

From here on out, there will be three of us reviewing regularly.  Most weeks, all three of us will be reviewing.  Some weeks there will only be two.  The one thing I can promise you is that there will be no weeks like those this summer when we weren’t able to get to anything.  Something will be reviewed every week by Maggie, Jackie, or me.  And, in the odd week wherein all three of us are indisposed, we’ll have a guest reviewer.  That way, we’ll always have someone covering the randomly determined world of theatre.

Also, after this week, charts will always be posted on Tuesdays.  That’ll bring some consistency to the table as well.  Each of us has our own projects to attend to, which will keep things lively as well.  When it comes down to it, we’re all working theatre professionals.  That’s one of the things I like most about this site.  We’re people who do this, too.  You get to read the thoughts of people who are currently working in the medium and whose perspective is informed by that.  A lot of other reviewers cannot say that.

Anyway:  This week there are two of us reviewing.  Jackie is still performing in a show at the Chicago Fringe Festival, which wraps up this weekend.  So Maggie and I are hitting the comfy chairs at the Athenaeum, the Den, and Straw Dog.  There are quite a few exciting possibilities on this week’s chart.  You should give it a try yourself!

Randomness ensues, now:

  • 11:14
  • Quaker Oats debuted at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago.  So did Aunt Jemima.  It was a good year for breakfast.
  • I’m starting a new workout regimen today.  I’m going to be hurting tomorrow.
  • Why can’t I be you?
  • It’s almost hat season!  I have a small mountain of baseball caps which make up my summer head wear.  I actually don’t know how many hats I have.  I have one for every minor league baseball team within 60 miles of Chicago.  Also a couple for the Saint Paul Saints.  One for my grad school alma mater.  And a few from other places I’ve traveled.  I neglected to buy a cap from Washington DC this past weekend, though.  Oops.  White Sox.  Cubs.  A bunch more. . . Anyway: The real point here is that I wear those mainly to keep the sun from toasting a hole in my bare-skinned head.  The hats I really look forward to wearing are the ones that I have for the colder months.  I have a brown Trilby (read: hipster Fedora-wannabe hat), a black Fedora (the real thing: wide brim, beaver in the felt), and my latest addition to my hat collection, a black derby made by Stetson.  I like hats.  This is something I never knew about myself until a handful of years ago.  Yup.  Can’t wait to doff my derby soon.