The Beginning: 10/2 – 10/6 (Chart & brief notes/excuses)

A bunch of shows to see here.  Grab your d20 and rolllllllll!
A bunch of shows to see here. Grab your d20 and rolllllllll!

Howdy!  There’s very little time this week for a preview article.  I’m sorry.  I’ve been away for about a week.  A family medical emergency stole me away to Minnesota.  Once I’d returned to Chicago, my company was in full-on prep mode for this year’s “A Klingon Christmas Carol” which  starts rehearsing on Friday the 3rd.  So… Here’s a very brief note to go along with this week’s chart.  Jackie, Maggie, and I are all seeing one show this week.  Maggie is reviewing a show by Adapt, a number of whose company members I’ve had the pleasure of working with briefly in 2013.  They are a young group made up primarily of former Oklahoma residents who came to the Windy City to do adaptations for the stage.

I return to see a show at Theo Ubique which features the music of Kurt Weill, who is one of my favorite composers.  I’m looking forward to their review.  Jackie is seeing a show called “Owners”, which I know very little about.  There are a number of bigger openings on this week’s chart, but a few of them actually happen on Monday or Tuesday, which means that they are in previews right now.  When I’m not reviewing, previews are the way I prefer to see shows.  It’s not because I prefer to see something in an unfinished state, but rather I’m a theatre professional on a limited budget.  If you, too, are lacking in theatre-going fundage, check out the previews that are on the charts this week.  Remy Bumppo‘s got their first show of the season, “Both Your Houses”, opening on Monday.  So, were I to not be choosing randomly, I’d hit them up on Saturday or Sunday this weekend to see the show a little before the press and the Jeffs committee does.

One last thing… a new group headed by my friend Whitney Jones is putting up their production of a show called “Run Chris Run“.  This show is one that I’ve been keeping my eye on from afar, and I think you should consider taking it in up close if you get a chance.

Okay.  That’s it for now.  I must away to finish getting ready for all things Kling-y.

— Sorry, no randomness this week.  That, in and of itself, is sort of random.  So, there you go!